JavaScript Moussaka Recipe

Cooking and programming. The two seems to have nothing in common, but I think they are very similar. There are many aspects that can be transferred and applied from one of the fields to the other. Let’s take a look … Read More

JavaScript RGB/Hex Color Game

I did this app a few months ago as part of a course to freshen up my javascript programming skills. The game is pretty simple, but while getting the game together I went through some core principles of the language: … Read More

To-Do List App with AngularJS

Being overwhelmed with work whether it is assignments for Uni or freelance projects, or as for the last couple of months – both, I’ve always found using “To-do” lists really helpful. I found that using To do lists, apart from … Read More

Applying Data Mining Techniques to Identify Musical Instruments

A case study based project which was part of a Data Mining unit at Bournemouth University, BSc (Hons) Computing degree. Background: A training dataset that contained numerical features extracted from short audio clips of two musical instruments playing simultaneously. Each data instance … Read More

Login component for an eCommerce website

A case study based project which was part of a Web Technology Integration unit at Bournemouth University, BSc (Hons) Computing degree. The project’s requirement was to build a login/signup system for an eCommerce store. The system had to: Allow an unregistered … Read More

JP Morgan “Code for Good” 2014 London

JP Morgan’s “Code for Good” is a program where selected candidates can collaborate with other coders to develop innovative technology solutions for non-profit organizations. The program puts to test the coding, problem-solving and organizational and planning skills of the teams … Read More