JP Morgan “Code for Good” 2014 London

JP Morgan’s “Code for Good” is a program where selected candidates can collaborate with other coders to develop innovative technology solutions for non-profit organizations. The program puts to test the coding, problem-solving and organizational and planning skills of the teams that work for non-profits and compete to produce the best solution. Here is some more information about Code for Good

For the event, I was placed within a team of 6 and competed with 20 other teams to design an application or service that could be used to solve a problem given by 4 non-profit charity organizations. Our team have worked for an organization called Cherie Blair Foundation
For the short period of time – 24 hours, our team (14) produced a marketplace website with fully working database with information about Mentors, Mentees, Customers and a customized search engine that filters information from the database and displays the most relevant information for a potential investor by entering keywords and additional fields (location, quantity etc.). The search engine also included an automatic calculation of units (kilograms, liters, pieces) and suggesting a combination of service/product providers in order to fulfill big orders. Our platform enabled Foundation’s mentees to get connected with broader market opportunities and made an additional feature to the organization’s existing system.

Some of the technologies and frameworks utilized for this project were AWS, Django, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS.

With our solution, we came out 1st out the 6 teams working for that charity. On the second stage where we have competed with the other 4 charity winners and we came out 4th after presenting at the big stage in front of a panel of judges and the other attendees.

For the project, I have been involved in the requirements elicitation phase as well as working on the Front-End of the system together with two other team members.

Here is how the system looked like:

Here are some pictures from the event:

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