Login component for an eCommerce website

A case study based project which was part of a Web Technology Integration unit at Bournemouth University, BSc (Hons) Computing degree.

The project’s requirement was to build a login/signup system for an eCommerce store.
The system had to:

  • Allow an unregistered user to sign up
  • Allow a registered customer to log in (and once logged in)
    • Display the user’s personal details  and allow them to update their details
    • Allow logged in users to change their password
  • Use a mechanism to allow users to stay logged in (e.g. cookies)
  • Connect to a database where the users’ details are stored.

Demo of the system: Here

Some of the features of the system include:

  • Entered data validation
    • Client side
      • via javascript to validate the user input on the front-end
    • Server side
      • via php to validate and sanitize user input on the back-end
  •  Security
    • Session Hijacking prevention
    • SQL Injections prevention
    • Brute Force Attacks prevention
    • Password encryption using 128-bit hash algorithm (SHA-512)
    • Database connection information hidden in a separate file

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