My name is Yasen Lilov and this is my personal blog. Here you will find posts about various solutions and problems I come across in my journey in the digital analytics world.

I am a Bournemouth University graduate with BSc (Hons) BIT, Computing degree and I am currently living in London, working at Merkle|Periscopix

Working with technologies and tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Apps Script, Google Cloud Platform, Tealium and wide range of APIs allows me to face different problems every day and come up with interesting solutions to solve data related problems.

Occasionally I write about WordPress and I like to get my hands dirty with some JavaScript, PHP or Python from time to time.




Some events, trainings and conferences I have attended

MeasureCamp is an open, free-to-attend unconference, different to any other web analytics conference held around the world. The schedule is created on the day and speakers are fellow attendees. Everyone is encouraged to discuss and participate in sessions, even to lead sessions themselves.


Cloud OnBoard is a full-day instructor-led enablement and training event that provides technical introduction to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). An Introduction to get started with Google App Engine, Datastore, Storage, Container Engine, Compute Engine and Network, Big Data and Machine Learning.


Two-day event with keynotes, panel sessions, discussions & networking, on topics like Data Analytics , Data Science, Advanced Analytics, GDRP and more.


The Government Summit is an event organised by the company I work for, which is aimed to spread knowledge with government clients.

I’ve presented to a group of 30-40 analysts, talking about the Core Reporting API of Google Analytics and what changes a recent update made.

Next ’18 London is a 2-day global exhibition of inspiration, innovation, and education. On the event you can get your hands dirty and participate in thousands of inventor demonstrations, codelabs, breakouts, conversations, bootcamps, keynotes, leadership panels, and plenty more.


The Government Summit is an event organised by the company I work for, which is aimed to spread knowledge with government clients.

For the second summit this year, I’ve talked about Google Analytic’s Measurement Protocol and how to achieve Single Customer View. Offline tracking, cross-device tracking and everything in-between!

The Agency Services Awards is an annual event gathering selected entries about projects done in the Google Marketing Platform realm, showcasing innovation and excellence.

After an initial selection of case-studies, I had the chance to do a shared presentation on a project I’ve worked on during the past year in the “Best Use of Tech” category. Talking about “Analytics at scale: building and maintaining analytics infrastructure across a thousand websites”, I’ve presented the approach taken to implement analytics at scale and the tools used to achieve it.

After a round of assessment by Google representatives and Senior members of the company, the presentation won the prize for the category!